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I started this blog in hopes of getting my writing out there. I love writing, and as Maya Angelou has said —-“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

The writing will be all mine, prompts however, will be taken from online sources such as Instagram, Tumblr, Google, etc. What I would appreciate is if you can give me some feedback.

I would love criticism, I would love prompts given by you– the reader even. I would love advice, just feedback from you, so don’t hesitate. I’m here to practice, i’m here to learn, and i’m here to overcome my insecurities of publishing my work. 

So let’s do this! 


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“When Love Arrives..”

There’s no story, no writing. I just thought this was beautiful and I wanted to share it.

We all have this perception of how love is supposed to be, maybe here’s a bit of reality for those that need a reminder that it is never always perfection or butterflies or sweet talks.

It’s time, and most importantly, patience.

Watch this video here, so beautifully done. Let me know what your thoughts on love are. What should love be? what is your definition of love?

In This Moment

“A time traveler from the year 2178 interrupts your birthday party, demanding you not take a bite of the cake your best friend just handed you.”

Prompt from

Everyone was having a good time, the drinks were being passed around. The man of her dreams was at her side, and so was her best friend. She had it all, nothing could top this moment, nothing could top her 25th birthday. In a year, they were going to get married, and start a family of her own; This was the best moment of her life and she wasn’t sure how to express the happiness she felt in that moment.

As everyone gathered around, singing the birthday song, she let out a squeal when she watched her best friend and her fiance rolling in the cake. Her fiance holding another bottle of wine and her best friend had the knife; “Make a wish!” she yelled as everyone cheered and clapped. The cameras were out, and she could only imagine which angle would be posted on social media. The thought made her laugh, that even now, she worried about the way she looked.

As the birthday cake was being cut, the smile played from ear to ear. She was just about ready to open her mouth and take a bite of the delicious chocolate cake when a shoe came flying her direction. If she hadn’t moved fast enough it would have hit her face. No, instead it knocked down the slice Kate held in her hands. “What the—” she was cut off by a loud yell. “SHE POISONED THE CAKE.”

Everyone grew silent. Everyone. Melissa’s eyes landed on the person who had shouted such an accusation before locking eyes on Kate, who seemed sheepish and offended. “Is this a sick joke?” the question was meant for the woman who had accused her best friend of such a thing.

“If you do not believe me, then tell her to eat it. To take the first bite.” The woman came into view, and Melissa couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the other was. She was dressed odd, but before she could say another thing, Kate spoke up. “I’m sorry, but who do you think you are and what proof do you have that I would even do such a thing?”

The question was ignored as the stranger’s eyes caught Mel’s gaze. “Just trust me.” There was something about the way she said it that Mel couldn’t help but to do so. Why did she feel such a strong connection with her? They didn’t know each other, yet here she was, willing to listen to her. “Eat the cake, Kate.” she was surprised at how calm she sounded. But her best friend gulped, and began stuttering. “I’m out of here.”

The party suddenly became awkward, but her eyes remained transfixed at the woman who had probably just saved her life. “Who are you and how did you know?” but of course her questions were left unanswered as the other turned and pushed herself out of the crowd. “Get rid of the cake, don’t let anyone eat it, and someone call the cops.” Mel spoke giving them something to do before she went off after the stranger.

Not Kate– she’d deal with her later. She heard the door slam shut and knew the woman had managed to get out of the house. “Wait!” Mel shouted as she exited her own house. “Wait, who are you?” she asked once again which forced the other to stop in her tracks.

“You– ” she was cut off before another word could come out of her mouth. “– I’m not supposed to be here. I’m from the year 2178 and i’m only telling you this because I need you to get a jump start on making this possible. Chances are I probably screwed up something in the time line by revealing that but now your studies can lead you further. I had to save you because if I hadn’t that woman would have taken credit for everything you worked for.”

It was as if the world stopped. The woman in front of her was someone from the future. Was this a joke? “You’re kidding me right? How many hidden cameras are there?” the question was rhetoric, but something told her that this woman wasn’t lying.

“Why did you save me? Why didn’t you let Kate take all the credit?”
“–Because what she envisioned for the future was not good. I wanted to change history, now do what you will with this information but do not let your work get in the wrong hands. The future depends on it.”

And just like that she was gone. Instead she heard her fiance catch up to her. “Hey, what happened? Did you find Kate? Are you okay?” he asked. The questions kept coming but she couldn’t find it in her to respond to any one of them. Those were all the wrong questions.

“I need a drink, or thirty.” That was all she could muster up.

***Author’s note:

I read this prompt and really liked it. However, I had to delete this like 2 times and still it isn’t good enough. I know that i’m slow in posting things, which is why I had to get this posted. Again, I would love some commentary or criticism on how to improve my writing. Thank you for reading this much, if you have.


Imaginary Friend

You Are Your Younger Self’s Imaginary Friend

The white veiled figure dispersed without a second thought and she was left standing inside her old bedroom. As she looked around the small room, with the pink curtains, all she could do was wonder how had she grown from such an innocent person to the woman she was now — or had been in this case. Death was odd, was there a heaven? Or a hell? Was there such a thing or had it all been made up? That this was it after death?

She walked towards the small desk that was set in the corner of the room, papers sprawled onto the desk top with drawings and coloring of a brighter future. She had been so innocent; Suddenly the door to the room burst open and the small girl– the younger version of herself came in before slowly stopping upon seeing her. There was confusion written over the young girl’s face — her face. “Hi–” Her voice had surprised her, full of curiosity, so soft. The box of crayons she had been holding to finish her drawings nonetheless, remained still in her hand and if memory recalled, she was always dropping her crayons.

“Hello.” came her own response, just as softly as the little girl’s without the curiosity latched to it. “I’m Cassie and i’m yo–” Suddenly the room changed and she was in a white void, as the white veiled figure came back into view. “–You cannot tell her who you are” it spoke in a whisper as it swirled around her. “But–” “You cannot warn her of her future.” her response was cut off by another whisper. “You cannot break the rules.” it continued whispering as the swirling became faster. She could hear the words being repeated over and over, reminding her of the conversation she had with the veiled figure upon waking up in this world.

“–HOW DO I PROTECT HER IF YOU WON’T LET ME TELL HER WHO I AM?” she yelled, only for the room to become quiet. The setting had changed and she was no longer in that white void or her old room, but her kitchen. “I wish you’d at least warn me before shifting me places.” she mumbled, since it was apparent that every move was being monitored she was sure whatever deity was watching her would have heard her. Her thoughts snapped back to the present when she heard the yelling and the screaming. She ran into the living room and remembered this incident. Her father had been caught skipping work, returning home with little to no money for the week and her mother was furious at him for always doing this to him. She remembered what happened next, and what would continue happening.

She was 7 at that time and every detail of that day was etched into her mind, so to watch it happen again was nothing but terrifying. The man and the woman she recognized so fairly, could not see her, but her younger self was in the kitchen, and almost immediately, Cassie knew what she had to do. With wide strides she made it back into the kitchen and watched her younger self holding still against the counter. The screams and the yell could be heard with clarity, but that was only the beginning.

“Hi, i’m sorry I left earlier, I actually found a cute puppy in the backyard, would you like to go search for it?” it was easy for her younger self to agree to it. “Let’s go, come on.” and with that being said, the younger girl ran to the backdoor and opened it quickly. She jumped off the last step as her bare feet landed on the green grass. Her steps quickly made it further away from the door, away from the yelling or the crashing of things. She’d see the damage afterwards, but for now she wouldn’t be there to witness it happen.

“I think it jumped over the fence, let’s wait out here for it to come back.” she suggested to herself while the younger child peeked through the spaces in the fence to see if she could spot the puppy. There was no puppy, but this was her escape and it was just as better than the horror within her home. A part of her did not know for how long she would remain here, but if there was a possibility of shielding her from this mess, then she was willing to stay.

No matter how long it would take.

Author’s note:
Hello everyone, so this is my first short story. I would appreciate comments, suggestions, and even prompts. This prompt I actually got from an instagram page called writing.prompt.s and you should check that out when given the chance. I hope you enjoy and if I can improve in any way, please feel free to let me know. Thank you.

–Noor ❤

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